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Search Engine Optimization

If you search in Google, Yahoo or the other major search engines for your primary product offering, does your company show up in the Top results? SEO is undertaken to get highly qualified traffic to visit your site. Ecotech’s search engine optimization (SEO) service will make sure that motivated prospects find your website every time. The traffic that we will generate for you could be what allows you to be a big step ahead of your competitors. 

Over 80% of web users find what they are looking for by searching the top search engines. The top 30 search results get over 90% of the traffic. Your SEO campaigns will be customized for your business and include competitive analysis, keyword analysis, technical optimization, content optimization, link strategy and monthly maintenance. Ecotech provides powerful online technical solutions and marketing strategies to ensure that you reach the people you’ve always wanted to reach and decreases the cost per lead.

Before we begin your search engine optimization campaign, we’ll immerse ourselves in your company and industry. Ecotech will work closely with your technical and marketing staff to put into practice a strategy that will bring results. Then we’ll do a complete review of your current website and come back to you with an analysis of how well your site is performing against your competitors, so you can make sure you are getting the most out of our search engine optimization service and stay ahead of the competition.

Selecting the right keywords and keyphrases to attract targeted traffic is the stepping-stone to a successful search engine optimization campaign. Our team will develop a list of search phrases that fit your website and your online marketing goals, then optimize your site to rank highly for them in the engines. We target keywords that drive the maximum qualified traffic and not just visitors to your website. Ecotech's content optimization and website development team works on your web content to enrich your web pages for the search engine spiders using our balanced, tested and ethical Content optimization techniques.

Link building is another critical component of any premium search engine optimization service to increasing the site’s relevance and ranking. It is one of the highest weighed criteria used in ranking websites in the search engines and compliments Natural Search Optimization initiative. Our Link popularity development program is a long-term strategy to obtain non-paid link partnerships from relevant websites. And, as a part of our search engine optimization service, we’ll perform custom research to build links for your site that will bring in additional, highly targeted traffic.

Search Engine Submissions ensures visibility. Our effective and tested search engine submission service ensures submission and visibility for your website within days. We blend manual and automated search engine submission to get your website to the top of global and regional search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, Excite and many others.

Ecotech will send you monthly reports on the progress of your search engine optimization campaign. The process of improving the effectiveness of an organic SEO solution is continua. We’ll check the progress of your search engine optimization program on a monthly basis to evaluate campaign effectiveness, ensure that we continue to improve search engine rankings, and identify areas in need of fine-tuning.
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